Getting your home ready to sell

When you talk about selling your home people look at you with sympathy and tell you stories of the problems they’ve faced when they sold their home. But with a bit of careful planning before you sell, it really needn’t be a bigger deal than it already is.

1. Be sure you want to move! This sounds obvious – you are reading this, so you must want to move? But sometimes people put their home on the market to see what interest they get and decide what to do as a result. If you do that, you will not put as much effort into preparing the house or be as enthusiastic about selling. It’s better to trust your Realtor’s opinion on your home’s value and then sell it with enthusiasm.

2. Declutter. I know, this sounds stressful, I am sure there are people breaking into a nervous sweat just reading the word, but it is actually quite good for the soul as well as being essential for moving home. There are lots of systems out there to help you declutter, if you haven’t used it for 6 months you don’t need it, get rid of duplicates, 12-12-12 challenge (12 things thrown away, 12 things donated, 12 things tidied away) use whatever system suits you! If you give yourself plenty of time you can sell some of your unwanted items and make some money, or donate them to charity and feel saintly! You really do need to be brutal though. Once you have had a really good declutter your home should be simple to keep tidy and moving will be much easier!

3. Box and store. After your declutter you will have found there are things that you don’t need often, but don’t want to get rid of. Things like Christmas decorations, camping equipment and equipment for hobbies. You are certain you will need these again (or you would have sold them in your declutter) but you don’t want them making your home look messy. Box them in tidy boxes and label them. Don’t forget to label them, it is very frustrating when you come to move if you can’t remember what is in there! Then put the boxes away somewhere, neatly stacked in the garage or in a friend’s house. Now your house seems bigger and moving will be easier!

4. Decorate/repair. Talk to your Realtor and get some advice about what to repair and the best ways to decorate. Generally speaking, neutral tones are best, they make the house look clean and light and allow people who are viewing to imagine it with their own stamp on it. Your Realtor will have advice about which areas need the most attention.

5. Shampoo carpets. Carpets hold onto a lot of smells around the house that you may not notice. Having them cleaned is a fairly cheap way to make sure the house looks loved and smells lovely.

Your house is now looking lovely and ready to be viewed.

Just be careful that you don’t fall in love with it yourself!

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