US Home Prices At Record High

US Home prices topped a new high in May for the 6th month in a row.  The Standard & Poor’s Core Logic national home price index went up 5.6% in May from their latest report.  We have officially passed the peak from July 2006 by 3.2%. Seattle. Portland and San Francisco are accountable for much […]

REALTOR® vs. For Sale By Owner

Reasons to Use a REALTOR® vs. Selling By Owner Selling a home can be a stressful, emotional and a very involved process.   There are a multitude of decisions to make and documents to complete as part of a complex and ever-changing process.  Given all the challenges and risks involved, there are a number of very […]

Home Sales & Prices Going Up

Good news – Home sales are up!  The other side of that is; Prices are Up! The most-recent report released by The National Association of REALTORS® tells us that 5.62 million homes were sold in the first quarter of 2017. Also in the report, the national median home price is up 6.9% from last year’s report.  Demand […]

Tips for First-Time Buyers in Park Ridge

Buying your first home is very exciting and very scary! It is probably the biggest single investment you will ever make and there are lots of stories of people falling into debt or their homes being repossessed. Spending some time looking at your options before you commit to a house and mortgage will make you […]

Getting your home ready to sell

When you talk about selling your home people look at you with sympathy and tell you stories of the problems they’ve faced when they sold their home. But with a bit of careful planning before you sell, it really needn’t be a bigger deal than it already is. 1. Be sure you want to move! […]

Chicago Is The Place For Festivals!

Toyota Park will host the Chicago Open Air Music Festival from 14th-16th July. This is a heavy metal music festival with a line-up including Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Anthrax and Steel Panthers, among many, many more. As well as music, the festival boasts gourmet food and craft beers. Ticket prices vary from $50 for the cheapest […]

The Moving Process

Whenever anyone hears the word “moving”, usually the response is “ugh!” Moving from home to home is a huge project and like most huge projects, there’s really only one way to tackle it – by starting… The only way to finish a project is to start it – this old adage has been burned into […]

Trump and Real Estate

Four days ago a new administration was sworn-in to lead our country. Like many Americans, we all have questions as to how this will affect our lives, both physically and financially.  The “physical” part is what will become of our healthcare programs, namely, what will happen to the ACA? Financially, we want to know what […]